Jeff loves to offer fundraising opportunities to local schools, businesses, and other organizations.  Fundraising with us is a fun, simple and delicious way to raise funds for any organization, club, or event!

In our store, our “small” 8-ounce bag of traditional kettle corn retails for $6. We can sell them to you for $4.20 and your organization can sell them for $6 (or more) and realize a $1.80 profit. That’s 30% profit per bag!

For fundraising events, we presently offer 8 flavors.  Flavors other than Traditional retail for $7. For these flavors, we offer our standard 30% off retail for your wholesale price.

Contact us for the necessary forms so you can get started right away!  Then, just decide when you want to start selling and the cutoff date.  Next, either call or email your order to me and we’ll turn it around within 5-7 days!  We pack all of the kettle corn by flavor in sturdy plastic boxes, you pick up and distribute.  Once distributed, just collapse the boxes and return back us.

If you’d like to discuss this opportunity in greater detail, please feel free to contact me any time at or by phone 860-402-2811.  I look forward to speaking with you.

Jeff’s Kettle Corn makes a great fundraiser. Whether you are trying to raise funds for that band trip, or filling the last dollars to meet your goals for your non-profit organization. Jeff’s Kettle Corn can help you reach your numbers.