Kettle Corn Flavors


Traditional “Sweet ‘n Salty”

This is the one that started it all! Popcorn, popped in oil, with just the right balance of sugar and salt. (And by the way, Jeff’s Kettle Corn now uses Sea Salt in all there products.) Jeff wanted to create Kettle Corn for local events and ended up opening his very own store!

The line we hear all too often in the store (but we still love hearing it!) “I hate kettle corn but I love Jeff’s! It has just the right balance of sweet ‘n salty!” So if that’s what everybody keeps saying, I guess it must be true.

Autumn Spice

A Seasonal favorite! Created for the brisk Autumn days with cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, allspice and cloves. New Englanders love it so much, it has become a standard flavor at Jeff’s Kettle Corn.   Call 860-402-2811 or email for availability.

Bacon ‘n Cheese!

Are you kidding me? Bacon is everywhere! What would kettle corn be without at least a version of bacon ‘n cheese? Here in the Northeast, the thought of bacon ‘n cheese kettle corn conjures up visions of hours and hours of guys hanging out by the TV watching football or hockey. But hey, bacon ‘n cheese ain’t just for guys. Anybody can pop on down to Jeff’s and get a bag “just because you can” and enjoy it doing whatever you want…or doing nothing…if that’s what floats your boat. Speaking of bacon ‘n cheese, Jeff has now created a “Garlic Bacon” and “Garlic Bacon ‘n Cheese”…and whoa…just a second here… Jeff has also concocted a “Chocolate, Bacon ‘n Cheese”! Look for these three items in the store and soon to be on-line.

Black Pepper & Sea Salt

Black Pepper and Sea Salt – the secret of this kettle corns success is the spiky hits of black pepper which tickle your tongue, and combine with the sea salt for a delicious eating experience.

Buttered without Sugar

Not quite like the movie popcorn where the butter oozes through the bag onto your jeans. But, just a hint of buttery flavor from just the right amount “Butter Buds” on Jeff’s popcorn, leaves you wanting more.

Buttered with Sugar

Just like our “Buttered without Sugar”, with that added bit of “just right” sweetness.


We finally have Caramel Kettle Corn!!! Hand made caramel with everyday ingredients….no garbage!! Yum, yum!


Hmmm, almost in the same category with bacon ‘n cheese, just not as much testosterone flying around. Still, it has a little kick…just enough to make you wonder what’s going on. And Jeff uses a locally produced, “Dragon’s Blood Elixir Chipotle Hot Sauce” for this unique concoction.

This kettle corn has a little bit of a bite. Still not enough heat to make you head for the nearest fire hose, but it might turn that “Hmmm” into an “Oooh”. Looking for a new snack for that night of poker playing and cigar smokin’ with the guys? Chipotle kettle corn from Jeff’s just might be your ticket.


Having a lazy morning…just hanging out, catching up on all your Facebook friends’ posts? Jeff’s Cinnamon kettle corn, sometimes referred to as “Breakfast Blend”, might just make some of those wacky posts down just a tad easier. Almost making think you just ate a cinnamon donut, Jeff’s Cinnamon kettle corn is a nice addition to your morning routine. What the heck, you just might have another coffee while you’re at it.


Not chocolate, but just enough cocoa flavor to satisfy your chocolate craving.

Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter

“You got your peanut butter in my chocolate. Well, you got your chocolate in my peanut butter!” Yup! That’s it, right on our kettle corn. “Three great tastes that taste great together!”


Say what???? Who ever heard of “Dill” kettle corn? Well, I hadn’t either…and when I came in one morning and was asked to taste this one, I was a bit taken aback. But it is darn good! I grabbed a bag one day on a twenty minute drive back to the shop and nearly polished off the whole thing! I just couldn’t stop eating it! This one is real good anytime, but I could see it being a real hit around a summer picnic.

Double Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter

“You got your peanut butter in my chocolate kettle corn! Well, you got your chocolate in my peanut butter kettle corn!” Yup! That’s right! “Three great tastes that taste great together in Jeff’s Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Kettle Corn.”


Another good use for “Dragon’s Blood Elixir Hot Sauce”, Jeff uses the roasted garlic hot sauce for this taste treat. Much like the Chipotle kettle corn, Garlic is not going to light the town on fire, but it will give you another spicy flavor to help keep your senses alive. Keep an open mind and just remember…Garlic kettle corn is only a bag away.

Still not enough flavor to melt your partner’s socks with a passionate kiss, but probably just enough to fog their glasses. Don’t forget, it’s just a matter of time before Jeff ups that ante on the garlic to burn a hole in the Great Wall of China. Go ahead and try Jeff’s Garlic Kettle Corn. It won’t melt your toothbrush and make you breathe fire like Godzilla, but likely will be the hit of your next barbecue. Go ahead. I double dog dare you.

Honey Habanero

It seems that in the world of “hots”, you can feel the heat in different parts of your mouth. Jeff’s Honey Habanero kettle corn will leave your lips tingling from the sweet heat.

Honey Kettle Corn

Well, just when you thought Jeff’s Sweet ‘n Salty Kettle Corn wasn’t sweet enough, he goes and throws honey on it! Well, not just any honey…actually it’s local Tolland honey, from Bee Haven Apiaries, in Tolland, CT. Honey gives it just a little bit different sweetness than either sugar or maple…and anything natural and local is always the better choice. So, when looking for another flavor choice in the world of kettle corn, honey might be just what you’re looking for! Come on down to Jeff’s and give it a whirl!


Jaramel Kettle Corn…Just like Cracker Jax (Without the Peanuts!)  You’ll find maple syrup and molasses in our bag, a real sweet treat. Better get two bags in case your friends come around!

Jeffer Jax

This tasty treat conjures up those summer days as a kid. Remember when you dipped your hand in the box to gobble up more and look for your surprise? You’ll find peanuts, maple syrup and molasses in our bag, but, sorry, no chintzy surprise…just a real sweet treat. Better get two bags in case your friends come around!

Jolokia Pepper

Can you say “Hot, Hot, Hot”? This one uses “Jolokia Hot Sauce” from Dragon’s Blood Elixer Hot Sauces, in Putnam, CT. Kinda similar to our Honey Habanero kettle corn, this one is also “Hot”, just not spicey. And as Doug Crane, the maker of “Dragon’s Blood Elixer Hot Sauces”, says, “When you’re dealing with hot sauces, why go subtle?”

Maple Kettle Corn

Here, in the Northeast because of the abundance of Maple Trees, Maple is very popular. The Maple flavor is a much sought after flavor. Click Here for more details. Jeff’s Kettle Corn store sells local Maple Syrup from River’s Edge Sugarhouse in Ashford, CT and that’s what Jeff’s uses to create this unique flavored kettle corn, with local flavor!


We added a little garden zing from a powdered Ranch dressing from the Spice Mill in Manchester, CT. Not your everyday kettle corn flavor but kind of nice when you want something just a little different. Almost a kissing cousin of our Dill flavored kettle corn, this one might go especially well at a summer picnic.

Toffee Crunch

Oh boy! This one is a great recipe we scoured up, making a slight tweak here and a slight tweak there. Once you try this one, we’ll have you hooked! Carefully tending the pot, cooking butter, sugar and other ingredients make “Our Very Own Toffee Crunch” an extra special treat you’ll have a hard time keeping at bay. All the attention that goes into this makes it a real gourmet treat.

Triple Chocolate

Yummmmm! Seriously, this is chocolate decadence at its best!

White Cheddar

Oh…so fluffy and soft! What a treat to eat! It’s so easy to feel like a lazy, fat cat… just lounging around like a couch potato gobbling this one! If you’re not careful, you could wind up with a white cheddar mess everywhere. Oh, the pleasure!